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Your premium choice for dust extraction products. Bio security solutions for your farm, barn, and business. We offer hydroponic growing units for animal and human requirements. Give us a call to discuss the cost-effective, quality products with quality service.

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Premium Afalfa Dust Extracted Straw

Premium Dust Extracted Straw

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Goldfield’s chopped straw bedding has been a lifesaver for us on the Road. The chopped straw is light, easy to muck, well packed, and lasts most of the weekend. Our horses are well-rested and comfortable hen bedded on your chopped staw. It is packed so well we never fear of rain damage. Great product, great business & amazing sponsors of the barrel racing industry at all levels.Irene Wiles

Irene Wiles

I have just started to use this product and I love it. It takes a little bit of an adjustment to use , if you are just used to shavings. The bags are always super full. There is NO dust. The horses are happier, I think they are laying down a bit more because it is more comfortable. I am so happy I am no longer exposing my horses to a dusty environment!

Deb Wilson

I have been using this product in my chicken coop. It is wonderful! Keeping the dust at a minimum is really important for healthy chickens and it really does the trick. It’s also amazing for nesting boxes, super cozy and clean. Wouldn’t use anything else!!!! I must also say that the owner and staff of this company is also A+ extremely professional and go above and beyond for their clients.

Sandra Lianos

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Any Questions

How many bags come on a pallet?

45 the bags are 3.0 cubic feet expanding to 10 cubic feet

Yes, we process and dust e tract two sizes
1″ and 2.5″ size

The shorter straw is used for summer to allow the heat to escape from the stalls also makes for quick and easy picking. The longer cut is made for building g a deeper bed and warmer for cold winter nights.

All straw compost in 3 months and can be used for gardens or back on your fields for fertilize

1080 bags